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OT-75 penetrant

OT-75 penetrantOT-75 is an anionic surfactantI. GeneralSodium diisooctyl sulfosuccinateII. Technical specificationsAppearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquidPH: 5.0-7.0(1% aqueous solution)Permeability (sec.25℃)≤20(0.1% aqueous solution)Active substance content: 72%-73Sol

OT-75 penetrant

OT-75 is an anionic surfactant


I. General

Sodium diisooctyl sulfosuccinate


II. Technical specifications

Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

PH: 5.0-7.0(1% aqueous solution)

Permeability (sec.25℃)≤20(0.1% aqueous solution)

Active substance content: 72%-73

Solid content (wt.%): 74-76



III. Basic Properties

OT-75, with high efficiency in reducing static and dynamic surface tension, is a very good wetting and penetrating agent, as well as a very effective emulsifier, stabilizer and dispersant.


IV. Advantages

OT-75 has high activity, low dosage, good wettability, strong penetration, wide range of uses, low toxicity, and can be completely biodegradable.


V. Application


As a wetting and penetrating agent, OT-75 can be used in water-based ink, screen printing, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking, coating preparation, washing, pesticides, leather, as well as metal, plastic, glass and other products wetting. As an emulsifier, it can be used as the main emulsifier or auxiliary emulsifier for emulsion polymerization, and the emulsion it emulsifies has a narrow molecular weight distribution with small particle size, high conversion rate, and it can make large molecular weight latex. It can be used as a post-emulsifier for all system emulsions, so that the latex can obtain very low surface tension, improve leveling and increase permeability. In summary, OT-75 can be used as a wetting and re-wetting, leveling and solubilizing agent, as well as an emulsifier, dehydrating agent, hydrophobic resin dispersant and mold release agent. It covers almost all industrial fields.


VI. Usage and dosage

Can be used alone or diluted with solvents, as wetting, penetration, the recommended amount of 0.1-2% as an emulsifier recommended 1-5%.


VII.Packing and transportation

25KG/50KG/200KG plastic drum. Keep in a cool and ventilated place away from fire source. If gelation occurs due to ethanol or water loss, add appropriate amount of water and ethanol, stir until all dissolved, the quality will not change. Store at room temperature for one year. Transported as non-dangerous goods.