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Brief introduction of water-based resin manufacturer What is the use of water-based resin


The application of alternative solvent based products in various fields. Waterborne polyurethane, as a representative, can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, fabric coatings and finishing agents, leather finishing agents, paper surface treatment agents, and fiber surface treatment agents.

Waterborne paint

(1) Building decoration includes floor paint, elastic paint, building exterior wall paint, furniture wood paint, and water-based interior wall paint. (The homogenization of products is serious, and the product models and performance are similar. There are many similar enterprises. In the future, this type of low technology product will compete for lower prices.)

(2) Industrial coatings include industrial paint, vehicle paint, anti-corrosion paint, water-based metal paint, and metal surface treatment (polishing); Waterborne plastic paint (widely used in the field of consumer electronics), etc. (At present, water-based industrial coatings have high technical difficulties, and there are few domestic enterprises with technology. Most of them are monopolized by international resin giants. In order to consolidate their monopoly position, giants and individual domestic enterprises jointly develop and innovate.)

Water soluble polymers are mainly used in fields such as petroleum exploration and development, water treatment, papermaking, textiles, coatings, food, daily chemical industry, etc.

(1) Adhesives: Widely used in high-end furniture, wood-based panels (corrugated board production), wood processing, leather processing, handicraft processing, decoration, and non-metallic materials bonding industries.

(2) Sealants: Widely used in traditional sealants, including automotive, construction and decoration industries. For example, water-based concrete sealant is a kind of sealant that can penetrate into concrete to enhance its sealing, dust prevention, wear resistance, and hardening effects. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and nonflammable.

(3) Textile industry: water-based resins are used in the production of synthetic leather, ecological semi PU luggage leather, sofa leather; Ecological water-based foam sofa leather, clothing leather; Ecological water-based automotive interior leather, furniture interior leather; Simulated leather, water-based microfiber leather, etc.

(4) Ink: Water-based ink is used for packaging and printing products with strict hygiene requirements such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and children's toys.

(5) Petroleum exploitation: cementing cement additives and enhanced oil recovery and displacement agents.