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Organosilicon defoamer is an important type of defoamer


1. The local surface tension of foam decreases, resulting in the bursting of foam. The origin of this mechanism is that alcohol or vegetable oil is sprinkled on the foam. When it is dissolved into the foam liquid, the surface tension will be significantly reduced. The part with reduced surface tension is strongly pulled, extended and broken around.

2. Defoaming agent can destroy the elasticity of the membrane and cause bubble collapse. When defoamer is added to the foam system, it will diffuse to the gas-liquid interface, making it difficult for the surfactant with foam stabilizing effect to recover the membrane elasticity.

3. The defoamer can promote the liquid film to discharge liquid, thus causing the bubble to burst. The discharge rate of foam can reflect the stability of foam. Adding a substance to accelerate the discharge of foam can also play a role in defoaming.

4. The addition of hydrophobic solid particles can cause the bubble to burst. The hydrophobic solid particles on the bubble surface will attract the hydrophobic end of the surfactant, making the hydrophobic particles hydrophilic and enter the water phase, thus playing the role of defoaming.